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Are You Looking for Solid NNN Properties for your  1031 Real Estate Exchange? 

Do you hate paying unnecessary capital gains taxes? Sure, no one likes paying capital gains taxes. This is why most investors are now choosing tax-deferred properties via 1031 real estate exchange program that allows them to defer paying capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes by re-investing all of the proceeds of a sale of an investment property into a new replacement property of the similar or greater value. The purpose behind doing a 1031 real estate exchange is to avoid payment of tax upon selling business or commercial real estate product. Since the seller of a building doesn’t cash out their investment, they are able to avoid recognition of any tax due upon the sale. Some common examples of exchanges may include an office in exchange for a shopping center, a shopping center in exchange for land, a land in exchange for an industrial building, a single family rental in exchange for a tenant in common (TIC) property.


Major Benefits of Investing in NNN Properties via 1031 Real Estate Exchange 

If you are considering investments in replacement properties, you must be asking why the exchange properties are so popular or why to invest in exchanges. Most investors prefer investing in replacement estates; as it gives their real estate investments more flexibility and the ability to retain as much capital as possible. Here we discuss some major benefits of exchanges to you as the seller and exchanger: 

  • Conserve equity by deferring tax on the sale of a real estate asset. 
  • Acquire stable income by exchanging unimproved land for a profitable rental property 
  • Re-allocate basis by getting real property with a higher building to land ratio 
  • Acquire new property without cash by exchanging your old real estate asset 
  • Receive non-taxable cash by exchanging a real asset, which is later refinanced  
  • Acquire property that appreciates faster than the property transferred 
  • Consolidate assets by exchanging or replacing multiple properties for one or a few 
  • Diversify risks by replacing one property for many 

·         Allow to re-invest in another property where you can achieve higher cash flow returns. 

·         If you maintain a portfolio through a series of exchanges over a time, you can invest your full capital gains without tax consequence, resulting in quick equity accumulation. 

What are the Different Types of 1031 Real Estate Exchanges?


·         Simultaneous Exchange: It refers to an exchange of the relinquished property for the replacement property occurring at the same time.


·         Delayed Exchange: It occurs when there is a time gap between the transfer of the Relinquished Property and the acquisition of the Replacement Property. It is a type of exchange wherein the investor has the flexibility of up to maximum 180 days to purchase a replacement property.


·         Build-to-Suit (Improvement or Construction) Exchange : This allows the taxpayer (exchanger) to build, or construct on the replacement property, using the exchange proceeds.


·         Reverse Exchange : A type of exchange wherein the replacement property is acquired first and then current property is traded. If you would like to acquire a real estate before you sell your current property, reverse exchange can be ideal option, as it will save thousands of dollars.  


·         Personal Property Exchange : Exchanges are not just limited to real property. This is used for "like-kind" exchanges other than real estate products such as cattle, aircraft, mineral rights, etc.  

1031 Exchange Period / Timeline  

The Identification Time: This is the very important time during which the party selling a property must identify other replacement properties that he/she intends to buy. The identification can be changed, but cannot be altered after the 45 period has passed away. This 45 day deadline must be followed under any circumstances and is not extendable in any way, even if that 45th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or any legal US holiday. This exchange period start running at the closing of the relinquished (sale) property.  

The Exchange Period:  

This refers to a total of 180 days, during which they must complete the 1031 exchange by acquiring all of the replacement properties. It is known as the Exchange Period under 1031 exchange (IRS) rule. This period ends at exactly 180 days after the date on which the person transfers the property relinquished or the due date for the person's tax return for that taxable year in which the transfer of the relinquished property has occurred. As per the 1031 exchange (IRS) rule, the 180 day deadlines  has to be adhered to under any circumstances and is not extendable in any situation, even if 180th day falls on a holiday in US.


Who Should Consider 1031 Exchanges in NNN Lease Properties?

Anyone who is thinking about selling a business or investment property and want to defer the taxes on the sale of the same may wish to consider performing an IRC Section 1031 Exchange. Whether the investor’s property is owned free and clear, or encumbered, the benefits of a tax deferred exchange are significant. This gives you an opportunity to invest proceeds in other lucrative real estate in the US. All United States citizens (individuals or domestic companies) that would otherwise be subject to capital gains tax under the Internal Revenue Code can defer taxes by participating in 1031 Exchanges. 

Also, foreign persons (non-resident aliens) and foreign companies that own income/investment property in the US may also benefit from 1031 Exchange tax deferred properties. In simple words, you do not need to be a US citizen or have a "green card" in order to take advantage of exchange options for your income and investment properties, so long as these real assets are located in the United States.


Why Choose Triple Net Investment Group for Net Lease & Exchange Properties  


·         Licensed & Experienced Advisory firm & Member of CCIM & Independent Contractor  

·         Offer updated market information, resources listings, tips, maps and much more 

·         Complete resource for almost all types of NNN properties in the US  

·         Have access to numerous property listings and reliable property search resources   

·         Exempt property finders, purchasers and tenants from the payment of fees or commissions    

·         Retain only experienced staff with deep expertise to assure client’s satisfaction   

·         Work for the benefit of everyone including buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.   

·         Offer 24/7 emergency consultation services to all of our clients    

·         We can show property listings as per the demands in specific locations 




NNN properties are the cost-effective way of availing a building especially for business purpose, as the tenant does not have to spend huge money on buying land and then constructing a building on this. He/she has to just pay the rent to the owner for using the property for business.


We pride ourselves in excellent client service. We have access to an extensive inventory of triple net single tenant properties for sale such as: 


7- Eleven Advance Auto Parts Applebee’s,  Autozone Bank of America  ,  BB&T Best Buy Bed Bath & Beyond BP Burger King Chase Bank Chevron Chili’s Citibank Costco CVS Dollar General DaVita , Exxon Mobil FedEx Food Lion Foot Locker Gap Goodyear Home Depot Jack in the Box JC Penney Jiffy Lube Key Bank KFC Kindercare Kmart , Kohl’s Lowe’s McDonald Nordstrom Office Depot Office Max Olive Garden Pep Boys PetSmart Pizza Hut PNC Bank Popeyes RBC Bank Regal Rite Aid Ross Stores Ruby Tuesdays Safeway Sears Staples Starbucks Shell Oil Taco Bell Target T-Mobile Verizon Wachovia Walgreen Wal-Mart Wells Fargo Wendy’s Whole Foods , and many more  


Call or e-mail us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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If you are considering investing in net lease properties or exchanges, Triple Net Investment Group can help you out. We understand that dealing in exchange transactions is really a complex task; therefore we bring up lots of resources, updated information, tips and advice to help you achieve successful exchanges. As a qualified intermediary, we are committed to helping you to complete the exchanges on time and within budget. Talk to our experts for help regarding NNN and replacement properties in US.  


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